Saurabh is designing scalable interfaces to make the internet a simpler place.

Independent product designer
Never been to an office
At the moment, he’s helping Triad envision products for mental health professionals and designing Kaelig's personal website.
He worked on Axis Bank's digital design system - Subzero V1.0, designed a tiny component for Genie sometime back and made Uns Jaya's portfolio website.
Side projects
On weekends, he's curating a resource - to help folks level-up with design systems.
Hey Design Systems at ProductHunt
Portfolios at Bestfolios twice
Design Resources at UI8 twice
Here's some engaging UIs he has designed. Some aren't official, most are.
Notable Projects
His past projects are a deep dive into his skills & thought process, showing his -
Axis Bank’s design system - Subzero
Introducing a new step in Primer checkout experience
Designing an accessible podcast experience
with Google Podcasts
Improving navigation of an AR prototyping tool
Relevant skills
Saurabh can help you figure out what issues your customers are facing and tackle them with innovative design solutions - which often includes clean and on-point visuals.
Not-so-relevant skills
He can unlock a ziptie with his bare hands, make origami stuff out of paper and convince you to buy a $600 typeface.

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