Saurabh Yadav is a product designer, designing remotely for the 🌎 - from India somewhere.
He has designed scalable products & design systems for Triad, Axis Bank, Genie, Frenny, OncoloMed & many more while fumbling during meetings.
His work's been featured at ProductHunt, Bestfolios (twice), YankoDesign, UI8 (twice) and he's also a Young Jury at Awwwards.
His past projects are a deep dive 🀿 into his skills & thought process, showing his

design systems skills, Axis Bank’s design system - Subzero
attention to detail, Introducing a new step in Primer checkout experience
accessibility mindset, Designing an accessible podcast experience with Google Podcasts
and some 🀌 slick prototyping. Improving navigation of an AR prototyping tool
On weekends, he's working on πŸ‘‹ - an introductory resource to design systems.
🟒 Available for new projects
If you have a project in mind, shoot him an email at
Twitter β€’ Book a call β€’ LinkedIn
(who totally wasn't paid to write all this)